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  • Established in 2010
  • Satisfied Clients across India, Canada, US, UK, Gulf, Europe and Australia
  • Sound Knowledge in diverse business domains
  • Dedicated Team of Professionals
  • Google Cloud Partner

From the CEO's desk

Committed to a more transparent present & a sustainable future, it is with great pride & honor, I emphasize to say that MovoCode is all about people & values, devoted to the highest standard of excellence and service.

To fulfill our commitment, we know, we need to operate in completely new ways, making sustainability integral to our performance. We cannot achieve our goals for sustainability simply by delivering incremental improvements. We will frequently need to deliver innovations that inspire long-term growth, profitability and sustainability for us and all our stake holders.

We celebrated our 10 Years at the dusk of 2018 and have started off 2019 with a bang. 10 Years passed and as we embark on the 2nd decade of our renewed journey, we will change for the better in the way we work. MovoCode is an entity of its people, for its people & by its people. We are changing and change is constant…

We will continuously – as a MovoCode team endeavor, continue to make our 2nd-decade journey more fulfilling and enriched, where most businesses, including us, are busy anticipating what the new year will bring in terms of industry developments, growing trends, and hidden surprises.

10th year, 2018 was a busy one with the increased use of automation and agile development boosting the speed of deployment release and quality assurance becoming much more embedded within development teams making quality release assume ever greater importance! And so, the next natural question is – what next?

Here’s 2019, as I read about our industry:
Organizations Will Leverage Artificial Intelligence to the Optimum

Machine learning and AI will become the technology of today and tomorrow. Companies are sure to experience major breakthroughs in this arena.

User Experience Will Hold More Importance

More than user interface, there will be increased weightage on the over user experience. IT service providers will have to offer high quality, well tested products to give clients a user engaging experience.

IT Solution & Service Providers Will Have to Wear A Thinking Cap of How to be Different

With IT solution experts providing the same kind of service in similar technologies, how would a customer be attracted? That is where all service providers will have to showcase exceptional and diverse competence to prove their expertise.

Technological Advancements Will Play A Higher Role

With Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things as the trending technologies, organizations, to match up pace with the progressions, will have to embed these technologies in the core applications that they design and develop.

I’m confident there will be developments in 2019 that neither we nor the extensive industry has anticipated! But like all progressive organisations, we at MovoCode are looking forward to the challenge. To another more successful year!

Subhodeep Dey
CEO, MovoCode LLC
Email: [email protected]